The Storyline

Plot Summary

A wild and unexpected cast and crew come together before the viral Storming Area 51 event to film one of the most unique documentaries you have ever seen, modern day Cinema Verite.  A life-long alien enthusiast, filmmaker and comedian, Brian Moreno, takes us on a journey into an ever growing subculture; the alien, UFO conspiracy community. We get to see this community but we also get a very interesting and heartwarming story about a cast and crew that have very mixed feelings about even being there.  

The trip begins in Los Angeles and finishes at the legendary Area 51 site in Rachel, NV. Nothing goes as planned, or does it? This is a ride that takes you into the land of Comedy, Interviews, Conspiracy, Aliens and so much more. Even if you know nothing about Aliens or Area 51 there is something in this film for you. It’s a fast paced, wild film that will leave you pleasantly surprised and asking questions. This is a failure story, or maybe not.  

Brian Moreno -    Dreamland - A Storming Area 51 Story    

I made a very unconventional film about a very unconventional event in the most entertaining way I knew how. This is my interpretation of modern day Cinema Verite. I wanted the audience to be a fly on the wall throughout this adventure, no matter how the event went. 

This event was a viral sensation and for so many reasons it turned out differently than expected. I had a good suspicion this event was going to be a bust because the government absolutely did not want the masses out by a military base in the desert. So I prepared for that by bringing a cast and crew together that I knew could drive the story for this adventure. There was direction but there was no script. By the letter of the law this is a documentary, it is not your conventional documentary but we do capture the essence of failure and success all in one very unique story.

The Storming Area 51 event may have given me the idea for "Dreamland" but the film was intended to entertain and make people wonder. Wonder if it was real, wonder about Aliens, wonder about the cast and crew, maybe even wonder what they could do in their life.

Whether you care about Aliens or not this film is about so much more than Area 51.

There is a lot of excitement in filmmaking and storytelling, this documentary aims to enlighten and entertain. I hope all those layers and intricacies have come to life.

My mother is from Bogota, Columbia and couldn't care less about Aliens or Area 51, this film was made to entertain people like her.. The biggest compliment I received from her was that she was nervous watching the film because she didn't know if it was real or not, she didn’t know if I was going to get a full movie and nothing about Aliens.

I tried to make a very meta film where the audience questions everything, getting one's judgemental family to do that is very hard but just know it was intended. 

This film was mostly improvised much in the way Curb Your Enthusiasm is made. Most of the cast are non actors and did not want to be in front of the camera. That was a surprise to a lot of them but I couldn't give too much time for them to think about it because I needed them to be 100% authentic. The 180 that all the characters did was absolutely real and to me was one of the most meaningful aspects of the film because all of those people put so much trust and faith in my idea, that at the time I couldn’t even clearly explain. 

I hope you enjoy it and understand that people don't make films like this for very good reasons, but once in a while all the stars line up and you’re left with something so unique and unforgettable. Even if you do not like it or think what I have done is blasphemous, you cannot deny the uniqueness. I wish you the best in your journey.  

Thank you for your time