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Area 51 with Brian Moreno: Image

"This is the Curb Your Enthusiasm of Alien Films."

"Finally a Cult Classic Alien movie"

A life-long alien enthusiast and comedian, Brian Moreno, hires a wild film crew to follow him on his extra-terrestrial fact finding adventure to the viral "Storming Area 51" event. Nothing turns out as planned but the adventure is one of a kind. If you watch one documentary this year, let this be the one!

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Area 51 with Brian Moreno: Welcome


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This is more than just a comedy.

Area 51 with Brian Moreno: News

About Dreamland
A Storming Area 51 Story

A Bit of Background

This event was a viral sensation and for so many reasons it turned out differently than expected. We capture the essence of failure and success all in one very unique story. 

The Storming Area 51 event may have given Brian Moreno the idea for "Dreamland" but the film was intended to entertain and make people wonder. Wonder if it was real, wonder about Aliens, wonder about the actors, wonder what they could do. Whether you care about Aliens or not this film is about so much more than Area 51.

There is a lot of excitement in filmmaking and storytelling, this documentary aims to enlighten and entertain. I hope all those layers and intricacies have come to life in this project.

Area 51 with Brian Moreno: About
Dreamland: A Storming Area 51 Story (2022) - Prodigy Trailer
Directors Statement
Dreamland - Opening Sequence
Area 51 with Brian Moreno: Video


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Area 51 with Brian Moreno: Text

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Area 51 with Brian Moreno: Team Members



This was our first festival win and the first time we are able to see audience members react to the film and all of it's layers. As you can tell this project is about so much more than Area 51 or Aliens and even if you don't care about the subject matter there is something in this film for you.

Area 51 with Brian Moreno: HTML Embed

An honor but an award that should go to all those involved.

Area 51 with Brian Moreno: Image
Area 51 with Brian Moreno: Image

Cast & Crew

Aliens and Humans. In no particular order. 


Director - Creator


89k total followers & subs'



Long time comedian, writer and actor with multiple viral videos (True Comedian & Ancient Aliens : Aliens & Comedy) both award winning.

Brian has toured the country telling jokes and is a regular at Comedy Clubs everywhere.  

Before that he was the West Coast Public Relations Manager for The Wall Street Journal, he left that world to be a DJ to pay for his comedy career. He has not only had a very unique path, he has learned and honed how to tell stories just as uniquely. Brian has a diverse family and interests but has an especially deep passion for the marriage of information, art, comedy and drama with storytelling.

andy kozel

Andy Kozel


100k total followers

A stand-up comedian on the LA comedy scene, Andy was voted Funny or Die's "Funniest Dudes You Should Be Following." Along with his videos on Funny or Die's Front Page and his popular videos on Instagram, Andy can also be seen regularly at The Improvs, Comedy Store, and at comedy clubs around the country. His talents as a jokesmith have spawned a career as a screenwriter.


Natasha Pearl Hansen


67k total followers

Natasha Pearl Hansen started her comedy and acting career with Second City Chicago in 2007, and has since toured internationally as a comedian and creator. She's been featured in festivals nationwide for her standup, acting, and writing, and recently shot her first comedy special on her canceled wedding day called "I Was Supposed To Get Married Today," which is out on Amazon Prime. She is also the CEO and Founder of, a crowd-funding and gift registry platform for people going through break-ups.


Griff Pippen


65k total followers

Podcaster at Country Club Adjacent


David Murphy

David murphy, born and raised in Los Angeles. Known for acting in over 50 commercials. He is a comedian that’s performs all over Los Angeles, and internationally in countries such as London, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.


Assistant Director

Roberto Ahumada is a 1st generation Mexican-American producer from Los Angeles, CA. After leaving film school after one semester he began working on set full time in various departments before switching to Production. His first producing effort came with the Ryan Philippe starring Action-Thriller, ‘The 2nd’ which spend 4 weeks on AppleTV’s top on demand charts before moving to Netflix and spend 2 weeks on the Netflix top ten charts. His next effort was the hit Lifetime Christmas film, “The Christmas High Note”. Since then Roberto has continued to produce and write for a variety of indie series’, feature films, and music videos working with a wide range of companies from Warner Brothers, RLJE, Imagine, Lionsgate, and Paramount +.

Adrian Izquieta

Director of Photography

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, his passion for film started at a very early age. In 2003, he decided to take his career to the next level and study abroad, starting in South America and ending up at Paris, France at the International Film School. It was here where he began to explore the art of cinema and understand the true meaning of what it is to be a filmmaker. He has worked on various productions in over three continents.

He came back to his roots in 2011 to start his career as an editor and videographer. he grew an audience throughout social media when he began working with YouTube sensations Public Prank and Diamond Films in 2012. Since then, he started working on numerous music videos including 4B, Xzibit, Cris Cab, Sam Tsui, Locksmith and various artists from Funk Volume. 

In November, 2016, he officially became the founder of Film Currency Productions. His first project is a documentary about the beginning years of stand up comedy, which has been moved to Post-Production and is expected to be released late 2017.   


 Producer - Editor - Writer

Founder of GSM Entertainment and Soul Fire Cinema, as well as an NYU Tisch Film School Alumni. Over the past 22+ years as Executive Producer and Creative Director of GSM Entertainment, he has traveled the world directing and producing over 150 projects, from concept to completion, including: Feature Films, Documentaries, TV Segments & Pilots, Branded Content, Commercials, Music Videos, and Concerts. Geoffrey’s work has won 20 Telly Awards, as well as garnered other honors, and received tens of millions of views on TV, in theatres, at film festivals, online, and on DVD’s. He has produced content for world famous musicians, film & TV production companies, advertising agencies, record labels, political campaigns, international organizations, and major brands such as Google, AT&T, Sumerian Films, Diageo, Adobe, Guitar Center, and Pioneer Electronics. He produced and directed A Drummer’s Life, a feature documentary on Janes Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins. He was an associate producer on Roger Corman’s CobraGator, and on the TV Show Paradise City. He was a writer/producer on the feature documentary Dreamland: A Storming Area 51 Story, and was a creative consultant on the Academy Award-winning documentary Icarus. He is currently in post-production on The Secret Box, a feature he produced and acted in, and Hit Parader’s No Cover, a Music TV Show he is a co-producer on.


Producer - Self

Jed Rhein an LA native, p.g.a. producer who began his career in the entertainment business as an actor at the age of 5. With over 100 National Commercials, Film, Voice over and Television credits to his name, he moved behind the camera in 2006. Jed has since produced multiple theatrically released feature films including The Outside, the critically acclaimed feature film, Falling Overnight, Vampire Dad and the documentary Dreamland: Area 51. Countless music videos including Incubus, Butch Walker, Big Time Rush, and Rihanna to name a few. Multiple fashion campaigns for Lulu’s, Bella, Converse and LNA Clothing. Most currently Jed is producing content in Metaverse for LiveTree which is set to air in 2022 and is a partner/producer in The Styling Series with Maeve Reilly with episodes being shot all throughout 2022.

Brian Schlesinger

Producer - Self

Brian had to be convinced to go to Area 51 yet his effort was undeniable and had a really great time shooting it. However and unfortunately he has quit the entertainment industry all together.

Area 51 with Brian Moreno: Team Members
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